Common Utilities

Introducing a new module that injects power directly to the heart of XOOPS.

Do you already knows XOOPS? Now try it on steroids!

A framework

All the tools to create new modules: more modern, more functional and better integrated.

A new look

Not only injects power XOOPS, also beautifies the overall appearance of the control panel.


Take advantage of the benefits offered by new modules without sacrificing compatibility with earlier ones.

New Helium GUI
The best foundation for your modules

The best foundation for new XOOPS modules

Common Utilities offers and excellent base for creating new modules, thanks to its improved components. Create modules that integrate fully with each other and the system, with a very slight learing curve.

If you develop modules for XOOPS, you've already covered 90% of the way.

Most useful and best looking modules

Common Utilities not create incompatibilities with existing XOOPS modules, so you can continue to use them without problems. But if you want to improve your website, you can choose between excellent and 100% native modules that allow you to create blogs, pages, portfolios, themes, etc.

Available Modules
Cool modules
1-CLICK Updates

1-Click Updates

Keep your modules updated easily. Forget the manual process of searching updates and install then, let Common Utilities do all the work for you with its 1-Click updates system*.

If you are a developer, prepare your modules to take advantage of the integrated updates system; is very easy.

* Available only for Common Utilities native modules.

Common Utilities counts with features that allow a better experience for end users, and better tools for developers.

Modules Manager

A totally new modules manager, easier to use and very intuitive.

Anhanced Blocks

A new blocks system that allows to create many blocks positions as neccesary with advanced features.

Improved Security

A new security layer that allows to set permissions for specific actions that can also be easily integrated with existing modules.

Users and groups management

An users and groups manager that can take advantage of new security features.

Images Manager

A versatile image manager that allows a more intuitive handling of images and that can be integrated into any module.

Plugins Support

You can increase the functionallity or add new features trough plugins.

Comments System

A new comments system, easier to integrate and use with any module or component.

1-Click Updates

Keep your system updated and receive updates directly to Common Utilities with a single click.

Configuration System

Now, with the integrated new configuration system, is possible to set module options without leave the current page. A totally new in-line method that allows the configuration via AJAX.

In-Line Docs

An in-line method to provide information to users, is available for all XOOPS modules.

New Templates Subsystem

the templates subsystem add improved tools to manage templates, styles and scripts, more efficient and easier than ever.

New Editors

Choose between distinct editors that Common Utilities has for you, and use that fits to your needs: Visual, HTML, XoopsCode or Simple.

Multi-language Support

A new XOOPS independent multi-language method, based on GetText that allows a quick and easy translation using PoEdit and available for all modules, even old modules.

Custom Codes

Common Utilities supports custom codes that can be used in modules, themes or plugins and that can improve the text formatting in XOOPS.

MVC Support

Basic implementation of the MVC pattern applied to XOOPS modules that allows an organized, structured and faster development.

Form Fields

Additional form fields available in all modules, better integrated and simple to use.

URL Rewriting

It allows easy control of rewriting URLs by modules, and for modules that implement MVC, rewriting is already integrated.

Themes Support

The overall appearance can be modified by themes for the control panel.

XOOPS without Common Utilities XOOPS with Common Utilities

Transform XOOPS inside and outside!

XOOPS and Common Utilities are the perfect match for your web projects.

Available Modules

This is a list of the available modules for Common Utilities, but rmemeber that you will be able to use conventional modules withou incompatibility issues.